Paris Ceramics


New Products

In this section we showcase all our new and exciting products. Coming soon new and exciting textures on all our stones.


Over the 30+ years Paris ceramics has been operating we have developed special finishes on stone and marble along with many custom finishes.

The main finishes are hand antiqued, distressed, dished and distressed, brushed, bush-milled, river-washed, hand pillowed, tumbled, sand blasted, scored, waved, bamboo, pique and of course custom.


A unique selection. We carry most marbles in tile and slab formats.

Antique Limestone

Paris Ceramics is the premier company in the reclamation and preparation of antique stone, we employ seasoned experts who find and inspect each batch to ensure the highest standards possible and then we bring the stone to our facility in Virginia for the restoration process.

Antique Marble

Reclaimed from Andalusia the white marble is usually in squares of 10-11” or 16 ½”, the grey and white usually only in 10-11” squares. The black is rare but can be specially sourced.

Antique Terracotta

Reclaimed from France and central Europe in squares or rectangles this terracotta was originally hand made in molds, sometimes stamped with the makers stamp and sometimes by a stray dog or chicken, the tile would be the color tones of the local clays, hues of yellow ochre through peach and pink to  red brown.

Antique Wood

Antique French oak is perhaps the most beautiful of the reclaimed wood, due to the oxidization and the high concentration of tannin in French oak , Paris Ceramics  French oak is reclaimed from floors mainly in widths from 3-4″ wide, we de-nail, mill to a consistent thickness and re-tongue and groove.

Engineered Wood

Our engineered floors are made with a top layer of oak or walnut or other species and layer on layer of birch face ply to give stability, we only supply the best materials and finishes available using the most eco friendly materials glues and finishes, with almost zero formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds.

French Oak

French oak the king of the Oaks is known for its perfect color and figuring. Available in solid engineered and antique formats. Here we show some of the solid options, the engineered and antique you can find under their own categories.

Geometric & Semi-Precious

With the use of our state of the art machinery in our Virginia factory we produce standard and bespoke geometrics and patterns, taking care to use the right materials, colors shapes and sizing to produce timeless traditional and new creations.

Ceramic Tile

These tiles are fired using a fully vitrified clay biscuit and glazed with iridescent MOP, metallic glazes and many other glorious traditional glaze colors.

Metal & Shell Tile

This hand finished metal is adhered in sheets to a marine ply backing. This material will patina overtime producing a fantastic finish.


Each Fireplace is made individually. We design, draw, and produce these in our VA facility. This ensures that the fireplace fits the client’s specifications and firebox and will be proportional to the room/space. These can be fabricated from a large selection of Limestone and marble and an almost infinite choice of designs.

Porcelain & Concrete Tile

We carry the best Italian porcelain, wood porcelain, original porcelain, the new Positano, and exterior porcelains suitable for any climate and installation type.


These mosaics are sourced from different parts of the world from Italy to the middle and far east, each have their characteristic designs and methods passed down from generation to generation of craftsmen. These are either mesh mounted or paper faced. In either a complete bespoke design, a repeat pattern, or a simple border.

Solid Wood

We carry a wide range of solid oak from French oak to American live cut oak all prefinished.

Exterior & Interior Cladding

Paris ceramics has the expertise and experience to provide facades on whole buildings or part, with every detail possible in a range of different materials to suit the design and location. We also cater to the interior of buildings on walls and ceilings.