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We search the world for beautiful materials which are inspiring and enduring, we collect, mine, harvest, manufacture and reclaim a multitude of materials to grace your beautiful homes and public places.

Paris Ceramics is the world’s largest resource in the world’s smallest niche: products with a soul.

Paris Ceramics

Paris Ceramics is the primary flooring resource for the most beautiful homes and sophisticated Interior Designers and architects. Resources that are used are found throughout Europe and the entire world. Paris Ceramics does not only resource floors but also walls, ceilings, fireplaces and objects of art that have a soul.

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Paris Ceramics

Paris Ceramics has a special relationship with time, design and craftsmanship. No other company has invested in the technology and craftsmen to reclaim and preserve antique objects and flooring back to life. The juxtaposition of the world’s oldest           objects preserved by the newest laser cutting technology is the hallmark of Paris Ceramics. Only Paris Ceramics employs in-house artisans in the United States to ensure the perfect finish, perfect size and perfect product for your projects.

Paris Ceramics presents the finest the world has to offer:

  • Exclusive global network; exploring, discovering, reclaiming and preserving antique floors and objects.
  • The highest standards and Richard Abbott’s intuitive talent to identify products with a soul.
  • Paris Ceramics is the only company that has invested in the technology and craftsmen to reclaim and preserve antique objects and flooring back to sophisticated vibrancy.

Sophisticated designers, architects and clients

Unlike most flooring companies, Paris Ceramics displays and sells only objects worthy of your time and consideration. Richard and the Paris Ceramics’ team respect you too much to ask you to go through thousands of samples that aren’t worthy of your time.

Products that have a soul have made Paris Ceramics the primary resource for the world’s most sophisticated designers, architects and clients. It is all part of Richard Abbott’s commitment to bespoke artisanship & design, and to you.

Richard Abbott

Hundreds of years prior to the French Revolution the pastoral hills of Southern France were dotted with grand country homes, chateaus and farmhouses built to last forever. There was peace in the countryside and throughout Europe; the homes and farmhouses endured. Richard started at a young age exploring this heritage and learning from his betters he developed a discerning eye . It is said that he only buys and sells what he likes. He tries to search out material that lasts and one will never tire of.

He encourages, needs and respects the experience and immense knowledge of those professionals in the design community as well as discerning home owners.

As a leader

Like many leaders, Richard Abbott was raised and highly influenced by his artisan parents and grandparents. They taught him lessons that are seemingly lost today; respect for the past, a discerning eye for craftsmanship, quality & design, and a desire to serve. After his formal schooling Richard began restoring churches and homes in Europe. It was inconceivable to him to discard the beauty and detail of buildings that were often 20 generations old. Little has changed. In fact, Richard has committed his life to finding and preserving the architectural jewels of a time gone-by. Design and preservation are truly part of Richard’s DNA.

Richard Abbott is an explorer and visionary, a husband and father, and archeologist who is always searching for objects that have what he calls “a soul.” His expertise, desire for the finest ever created, and attention to detail manifests Paris Ceramics.

More about
Richard Abbott

Unlike most explorers, Richard is humble. Perhaps even quiet. His search is his passion. Richard explores all five continents so that you need visit only one Paris Ceramics showroom.

The immensity of the global search for objects that have a soul is legendary. Antique floors, fireplaces and objects are increasingly scarce. The rarity of antiques has enhanced Richard’s global reputation, and he always has first pick for reclamation. If Richard isn’t in Europe working with his teams, technology allows daily communication. The search for products with a soul and serving Paris Ceramics’ discerning clients consume Richard Abbott.

Richard Abbott intuitively distinguishes what others cannot see; from depth of beauty to flaws unfit for his clients. He will present the former and not annoy you with the latter; for Richard respects your time and design too much. Paris Ceramics will never waste your time with products that lack a soul.

You will soon learn what the global flooring and design industry already know; there is no higher authority or more respected individual or influencer than Richard Abbott, and there is no better resource than Paris Ceramics.